Oxid Kimya Catalysts: Innovating at the Speed of Business As processing industries change at more rapid rates than ever before, Oxid Kimya keeps up with your business needs. Meet the increasingly complex set of challenges for the refining and petrochemical industries head on with Oxid Kimya’s streamlined development techniques. We develop new catalysts faster and more efficiently – catalysts that are designed to meet today’s challenges and anticipate the challenges of tomorrow. We invest in the necessary research and development to make sure that your business runs smoothly and your profits grow.

Catalysts for Refining

Do you want to shift into higher diesel production or do you need to increase the capacity of your current products? You can meet your product objectives with our highly selective, higher activity portfolio of catalysts. New catalysts continue to lower hydrogen use and match your product specifications while you increase your capacity. Oxid Kimya’s catalysts are used all over the world to realize improved yield and product quality. We offer catalyst solutions for a range of applications:

Hydrocracking Hydrotreating Reforming Isomerization Merox Treating

Catalysts for Petrochemicals

You want to capture the full petrochemical value chain. Executing projects on schedule and keeping them within budget is not easy. Using Oxid Kimya catalysts gives you the flexibility to process different feedstocks helping you deliver whatever shifting demands dictate. You can reduce your operating expenses and pass more stringent regulations with our catalysts specifically developed for petrochemical processes. The Oxid Kimya breakthrough in zeolite catalysts vastly improved process economics for many primary petrochemical building blocks. Oxid Kimya continues to make advances in catalysts every day to improve your product quality and optimize your operation. Our petrochemicals portfolio includes catalysts for: Aromatics Olefins Detergents

Adsorbents Molecular Sieves and Alumina Product Solutions for Removing Contaminants

Oxid Kimya offers the broadest range of molecular sieves and alumina adsorbents in the world. Whether you are looking for a cost-effective way to remove trace contaminants, output more propylene, or switch to diesel, rely on Oxid Kimya to provide you with high-performing products to meet the changing needs of your business.