Innovative Technologies with Trusted Support

Meet or exceed your environmental permit requirements – and increase your efficiency, capacity, and yield. Oxid equipment in refineries and petrochemical plants has been used to meet all of these goals simultaneously. Don’t work to upgrade for compliance with emissions requirements, make the equipment work for you.

CUBL Burners
Often ideal for new and retrofit furnaces, our CUBL Next Generation low NOx burners help provide the lowest possible emissions, reduced flame volume, easy installation and operation, and low maintenance requirements.

Oxid Flares
Get the right flaring solution for your refinery or petrochemical plant. We can help you select from a range of solutions including flare gas recovery, reduced steam consumption flares, and even flares with no visible flame.
Don’t let any more profit go up the stack – our latest generation of flares can provide you with a measurable return on investment.

Oxid Thermal Oxidizers
Make sure your sulfur recovery unit runs without worry by using a field-proven Oxid thermal oxidizer. A range of thermal oxidizer solutions is available to meet all of your waste disposal needs.

Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) Systems
The patented Oxid ammonia injection grid (AIG) has been used to increase power output from a turbine by 11%. This same mixing technology also reduces the amount of ductwork required so you may not have to move your stack to install an SCR.


On the phone or in the plant, our expert engineers are there to help with equipment selection, sizing, custom engineering, startup, installation, and maintenance. Don’t just purchase equipment, get the piece-of-mind that comes with a trusted advisor.